7 Easy Tips To Get The Perfect Pout

7 Easy Tips To Get The Perfect Pout

7 Easy Tips To Get The Perfect Pout

Erin S

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If you want to achieve a fuller lipped look, but aren't interested in lip injections, there are plenty of alternatives. With a few simple changes in your routine, you can transform your lips into the pout of your dreams! Here are seven easy ways to get the perfect pout. 


1.Take care of your lips: When your lips aren't hydrated, they become dry and cracked. Not only is this uncomfortable to live with, but it also makes your lips appear way smaller. Make sure you're using lip balm frequently, and not always going for matte lipsticks that will dry out your lips. You can even try a lip scrub to get rid of some of the dryness, and you'll see an immediate result!

2. Bold colors vs. gloss: If you already have even slightly fuller lips, bold colors like a classic red are a great way to amplify your lips to create a pouty look. However, if you're working with lips that are on the thinner side, try a cute gloss! This isn't to say you shouldn't go for bold colors, but gloss is a great way to make thinner lips look more prominent rather than drawing attention to them being slight.

3. Highlighter: Here's a simple tip! Just a touch of your usual highlighter on your cupid's bow--that double curve at the top of your upper lip will draw the light and make your lips look more pointed and prominent.

4. Bronzer: Bronzer can actually have similar effects to a highlighter when it comes to lips. Try dabbing a bit of bronzer under your bottom lip. Even a subtle amount will leave your bottom lip appearing fuller.

5. Lip liner: Lip liner is one of the most useful tools for creating a fuller lipped look. Line the outside of your lips to immediately transform your lips, and then be sure to fill your lips in with a color that properly matches the liner! Another trick for full looking AND long-lasting lip color is to fill in your entire lips with lip liner and then just dab your lipstick of choice over it lightly. 

6. Work WITH your lips: Work with the beautiful lips that you already have! There's nothing wrong with enhancing them, but be careful not to overline, or line in a way that doesn't suit your natural lip shape. Make makeup choices that suit you and you alone!

7 Purple lipstick: Hear me out. Not everyone can rock purple lipstick, but if you can, you CAN. Purple lipstick adds an incredible vibrant pop to your look, and of course, enhances your pout. Give it a try!

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