Applying Miss Mafia Lashes

Applying Miss Mafia Lashes

Applying Miss Mafia Lashes

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I often hear the comment of “Oh I love your lashes but I could never put them on myself.  It looks so hard and time consuming.”  I always reply with “It’s not if you have the right lash to practice with! And we all know practice makes perfect.”

The Miss Mafia official advice is have patience, practice and breath.  When I first started wearing lashes they would fall off by the end of the day because I never actually had them glued on properly! My eyes sagged and I looked like I was asleep the entire day – I didn’t know I had to trim the lash first!  Through my trial and errors I now can’t go a day without my lashes.

So Miss Mafia Empire Queens here is our easy guide to applying lashes.  All you need is clear lash adhesive, a set of lashes and a small pair of scissors!

Step 1 – For first time self lash application it is recommended to choose a lash with an invisible band.  What is that I hear you say!  An invisible band is clear.  The lashes that are attached to the clear band appear to be on their own.  The invisible band is so easy to apply.  They are easier to apply than lip liner! We recommend to use our Eva Lash as it give that little extra fullness with medium length.


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IStep 2 – Gently peel the lash at the band from the outer corner (longer length side of the lash) first.  Do not throw away your Miss Mafia box.  Our boxes have been carefully designed so that you can store your lashes between wears.


Step 3 – Check the length of your lash against your eyes.  The trick is not to place the lash the entire length of your eye.  We always recommend place the lash at least 0.5mm in from the corner of your eye on both sides.  This means that you will need to trim at least 1mm from the end of the lash. The outer side of the lash (inner side has the shorter hairs the outer side has the longer hair) is the best place to trim.  Remeasure your lash against your eye and trim more if required.  If you wear the lash from corner to corner it will irritate your eye on the inner corner and some fuller lashes will make your eyes look like they are dropping on the outer corner.

Step 4 – Prepare your look! Put on your make up including your eyeshadow and eye liner.  We don’t use mascara with out lashes however if you want more volume put the mascara on first and let it dry completely.  Do not apply mascara to the fake lashes directly.  Miss Mafia lashes in particular are human hair and applying mascara to them will shorten the life span of the lash instantly!


Step 5 – Time to get lashed!  Take the lash and move the band around in a semi circle shape.

Step 6 – Take your glue and gently apply a small amount along the invisible band.  Try to buy a reputable glue.  Cheaper glues are usually not as effective as the mid – higher price glues.  Try not to let your glue run on the lash hair.  If you do gently wipe it off with a tissue.  Let the glue dry for approx. 30 secs.  This will make the glue tacky and will dry quicker once you apply the lash.

Step 7 – Ready Set LASH! Start to place the lash on your eye.  We recommend using a lash applicator or your fingers – do not use tweezers or anything with a sharp point!  You do not want to poke your eye out!  Place the middle of the lash just above the middle of your natural lash line.  Using your fingers gently press the lash along the eyelid.  Press the lash against your eyelid a few times to ensure that it is attached the entire length of the fake lash.

And there you go! Instant lash perfection!

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