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Daily Beauty Essentials – Eyeliner & Fake Eyelashes

Laura M

Renowned Fashion and Beauty Blogger with Miss Mafia.

Do you ever roll out of bed in the morning and realize you just don’t have enough time for a full face of makeup? Yep this is a dilemma we’re all familiar with! The urge to look glam is often overpowering, yet you don’t have time to prep, prime, and contour your face to perfection.

Rather than enter a state of panic, we have an alternative solution. Using eyeliner and fake eyelashes, you can look like a stylista with minimal effort. We’re here to explain how our approach can help you save time, without sacrificing the way you look.


Wearing fake eyelashes is a hassle-free way to bring instant glamour to your look. You don’t need to worry about mascara splashes, clumping, or lengthy eye makeup removal routines. All the false eyelashes at Miss Mafia are already oozing with flawless style. With the right skills, you can apply yours in as little as five minutes.


In addition to removing the hassles that come with mascara, false eyelashes can compensate for a lack of eye shadow. Their ability to frame your eyes and make them look bigger will allow you to look striking, no matter what. All you need to do is find a length you feel comfortable with, practice your application technique, and you’re good to go!


If you don’t feel as though fake eyelashes are enough, we hear you. That’s why the Miss Mafia team has hand-selected a variety of eyeliners to help you style your eyes to perfection. If you’re trying to create a stylish look and you have no time to spare, create a wing along your upper eyelid and apply your false eyelashes over the top.


Alternatively, if you’re the type of person who usually prefers a smoky eye when they’re using an eye shadow palette, you can create a similar effect with eyeliner. Apply your eyeliner on both your upper and lower lids, then blend from the inside of your eye to the outside as you go along. Although you won’t achieve the same precision as when you use eye shadow, you can create a similar effect that has a model-style chic to it.

In the future, when you realize you don’t have enough time for a full face of makeup, combine false eyelashes and eyeliner for super-speedy results. Check out the selections here at Miss Mafia and diversify your makeup routine today.

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