The Perfect Dress For Your Body Type

The Perfect Dress For Your Body Type

The Perfect Dress For Your Body Type

Erin S

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It can be hard finding dresses that you feel suit your body type. Once you finally find a dress you like, then you wonder how often you can actually wear it. Can you wear it to work, dinner, a wedding, the club? 

This list will show you how to buy a dress that suits your body, and then how to make it work for every event you could dream of!


First, Picking the Perfect Dress For YOUR Body

For the record, your body can wear any style of dress that you want and feel confident in. However, if you want to find the shortcut to finding dresses that you might like best, figuring out your body shape category is super effective. 

Pear: If your hips and thighs are wider than your shoulders, try going for a dress that is fitted at the top and then flows out by the waist, creating a gorgeous silhouette. Off-the-shoulder dresses are also a great choice. 

Apple: For those with a larger bust and thinner limbs, you can elongate your beautiful shape with high waistlines and/or tunic-style tops!

Hourglass: If your smallest measurement is your waist, with almost equal shoulder and hip-width, try dresses that keep those proportions as they are and don't add too much to your bust or hips. Snug dresses, or dresses that fit tight at the waist and flare out, will suit this body type perfectly. 

Rectangle: If your shoulders and hips are about equal in width, then an empire-waist dress will create a slightly curvier shape. Rectangle body types also look great with bold color blocks on the top and bottom of the gown!

Inverted Triangle: If your shoulders are broad with smaller hips, try V-neck shaped tops that will elongate and narrow your upper torso.

Now for dressing up this perfect dress you've found...

  • Shoes, shoes, shoes

The easiest advice to give to anyone looking to use a dress for different events is to make particular choices with your shoes. Going from cute summer sandals to stilettos or pumps before dinner with friends is a quick way to class up your look.

  • Jewelry 

Bigger, bolder, chunkier jewelry will bring glamor to a simpler dress. On the other hand, slimmer jewelry will suit your look if you're going for a more classic and relaxed night out. 

P.S. Chokers are in! It's trendier than ever to put on a choker (gold, silver, or otherwise) and bring your look up a couple of notches!

  • Accessories

Accessories of all varieties can be used to dress up or dress down your outfit. As an example, adding prominent hairpieces will dress up; a ponytail will dress down. A cute clutch will dress up, while a casual bag will dress down. 

  • Makeup

    A smokey eye or a bold lip can change the entire vibe that you give off. With everything from adding a false pair of eyelashes, making your eyebrows more prominent, and adding more contour, you'll be glamming up your entire look.

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